REVOLUTION PowerCycle Battery Discharger, Cycler and Conditioner

Combination of battery discharger, cycler and charger, all in one unit

The REVOLUTION PowerCycle reduces sulfate buildup to prolong the life and maintain the capacity of your batteries. The REVOLUTION PowerCycle has a separate dedicated desulfation cycle for those more heavily sulfated batteries, where simply cycling is not sufficient to fully restore capacity. The REVOLUTION PowerCycle provides an unmanned discharge/cycling/charge solution for your material handling needs.


  • Three solutions in one: battery discharger, battery cycler and battery charger
  • Constant and controlled discharge rates
  • Fully programmable discharge and charge cycles
  • Modular design
  • Performs unattended charge and discharge cycles
  • Constant and controlled discharge rates
  • 24V-80V battery voltage operation


  • Extend the lifespan of your battery
  • Increase run time in sulfated batteries
  • Assess and restore battery capacity
  • Obtain detailed reports and chartsAssess and restore battery capacity
  • Improves battery performance and efficiency
  • Lower service and maintenance costs
  • Determine battery capacities and help identify defective batteries or cells


The PowerCycle restores battery capacity, giving you the ability to reuse old and sulphated batteries. The PowerCycle can be used for annual maintenance to considerably prolong the lifespan of your batteries. The PowerCycle is an investment with great return possibilities.