If you could control the amount of power your chargers pull off the grid at any given time, how much money would you save in energy usage?

Collecting and analyzing fleet utilization information is crucial to an efficient and productive operation. Applying this information to coordinate your fleet schedules and program your battery chargers will maximize your energy savings and overall productivity. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Our web-based charging and communication system—PowerCharge.NET—is designed to improve fleet productivity by collecting battery and charger data and converting it to actionable information. Our programmable chargers work with PowerCharge.NET to optimize truck utilization, minimize service and maintenance costs, maximize charging efficiency, and avoid peak power demand penalties.

Optimize fleet deployment and usage with PowerDesigners smart chargers and web-based monitoring and communication system, PowerCharge.NET:

  • Manages any size fleet from a single location over the Internet
  • Avoided peak power demand penalties
  • Obtain detailed reports and charts
  • Optimized truck utilization
  • Over and under battery use control
  • Pinpoint battery problem and location for effective service
  • Reduced battery change-outs
  • Reduced maintenance and service costs