Our Capabilities

PDS Facility

With a combined manufacturing space of over 100,000 square feet, Power Designers Sibex is capable of handling production volumes of all sizes. Power Designers Sibex Electronics Division specializes in Printed Circuit Boards assembly, Full System Manufacturing, Materials Procurement and Management, Product Development, Programming and Test. While our Power and Cable Division specializes in conformal coating, cable and wire harness assemblies and high power box builds.

Power Designers Sibex Capabilities

PDS Facility

  • Prototype – Pilot – High Production Assembly
  • Consigned and Turn-Key Material
  • Full Burn-In and Functional Test Capabilities
  • Engineering Changes
  • New Product Development (NPD)
  • Sub-Assemblies, Mechanical Assembly, Wire assemblies, Box Builds and System Builds
  • Proudly Serving the Military, Medical and Commercial Markets
  • OEM Product Warranty/Repair and Tech Support Services
  • GenRad ICT Test

Electronics Division

Every aspect of our state of the art Power Designers Sibex Electronics Division was selected with one goal in mind: the complete satisfaction of all our many customers. Our intensively trained staff uses the latest equipment — all overseen by a deeply experienced management team.

Power Designers Sibex Electronics Division has four fully functionally surface mount pick and place production lines, including the technologically advanced Samsung SM421. Equipped with fine pitch and on-the-fly recognition, an upgraded vision system capable of placements up to 0201 package size, and the polygon recognition algorithm to register parts of complicated shape, there is little our surface mount line can’t handle. As well, we have limitless Ball Grid Array (BGA) capabilities and house reflow ovens using convection technology.

For your thru-hole needs, our Electronics Division is equipped with both leaded and lead-free waves, and can include a water wash option if needed.

With full programming capabilities for EEPROMS, FPGA, PIC or Microprocessors, and programmable power supplies, voltmeters and oscilloscopes, Power Designers Sibex Electronics Division will test your products right during initial runs and beyond.

Surface Mount
Programming & Test

Power & Cable Division

At Power Designers Sibex Power & Cable Division, our team is dedicated to producing high power box builds and cable & wiring harnesses—all with unsurpassed efficiency and reliability. From Heavy Duty Battery Chargers to Green Energy, our cost-effective Power & Cable solutions are helping customers move forward.

High-Powered Box Builds

  • Heavy-Duty Battery Chargers
  • Large Power Supplies
  • Green Power Control Devices

Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Capabilities

  • Data Communications Cable
  • Co-Ax (to include semi-rigid)
  • Discrete Wire
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Hook-Up Wire/Lead Wire
  • Audio/Video Cable
  • Computer Cable
  • Automotive Wire & Battery Cable
  • Marine Wire
  • Industrial Wire
  • Instrumentation Cable
  • Automation Cable
  • Torsion Wire
  • High Temperature Cable

Conformal Coating & Potting

  • Spray coating for medium to high volume products
  • Brush and Dip coating by highly trained team members
  • All potting and conformal coat types accepted
Power & Cable Division