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Established 1983

Power Designers Sibex has the experience needed to build your products. With over 30 years in the industry, Power Designers Sibex combines leading-edge capabilities and an unceasing dedication to quality creating a formula for success. Click here to view our company slideshow.


Quoting - Turnkey vs. Consignment


Before you even place an order, we look over your documentation and evaluate which production steps would best suite your products. We understand the importance of protecting your product and will sign the Non-Disclosure Forms you need during these initial phases.

Since Power Designers Sibex caters to you, there are many options for which to choose. If you decide on full turnkey, we handle all material sourcing and supply chain management of your products components. Your quote will contain all materials and labor required for the build. We highly recommend this level of service since it puts less burden on you.

We also have consignment options for those who still wish to control component sourcing because we understand that these circumstances are often necessary. Your labor only quote will not contain any materials and we will work together to make sure you know what we need to complete your order on time.

Other options include conformal coating, programming, and testing. Whatever your needs are, we will accommodate.

Once this process is complete, the sales representative you work with will deliver the quote and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Placing an Order

Custom Order

Placing an order is easy. Simply email your purchase order to your designated sales representative or program manager and they will handle the rest. You should receive an order acknowledgement within 48 business hours of order receipt.

Document Control

Document Control

Document Control is the corner stone to order processing. As soon as your product documents hits our doorstep, we take them and treat them with the utmost care.

Power Designers Sibex ISO experienced documentation staff combs through every drawing, bill of materials, and schematic, making sure our internal contract manufacturing software matches exactly. We also make a plan for how best to build your product that is both efficient and thorough. We consider all the options you designate during the initial phases, such as conformal coating, programming and test, and embed those into the production step seamlessly.

With highly trained engineers in house, it makes it easy to pinpoint problems before they occur. From obsolescence issues to potential design flaws, we will work with your engineering department to have issues fixed promptly early on in the set up process.

Supply Chain Management Services

Supply Chain

The service Power Designers Sibex provides you is not over yet. If you decided on full turn-key services, we then begin sourcing all of the components parts required to build your product. Our network of distributors and OEM companies is extensive and allows us to provide you with competitive pricing, as well as high dependability. Once the parts arrive they are housed in the cage, and then pulled into a kit of parts for production.

Think of all the time and money you will save by not having to deal with each chain link required to source materials. You will then have more time for quality control and customer service.

Even if your decision was for consignment, we will monitor stock levels of all components and will alert you of any impending shortages. This way you have ample time to send us parts, preventing delays.

Building Your Products

Building Your Products

Now the fun part. Shortly after the material kit hits the floor, production commences. Production steps are customized to your product, but they could include surface mount technology placement systems, wave soldering and hand soldering, to name a few.

Power Designers Sibex equipment inventory is extensive and innovative, making the production steps required for your products quick and painless.

Our skilled production staff will make sure your products are built correctly the first time. Any issues experienced along the way are communicated effectively and relayed to you. We address them and ensure your product makes it out the door error free.

Testing and Shipping Your Products

Testing and Shipping

Your products are ready for shipment, but first they must fully pass test. Power Designers Sibex offers this service at your discretion but is highly recommended since it allows us to address failure issues internally and puts less on your plate.

Our testing department follows your test procedures step by step. We will use test equipment provided by you or are willing to build specialized equipment as discussed during the quotation process. Our testing staff has years of experience and are under the watchful eye of an ISO, IPC, and UL trained manager. Your products will not leave this department until they pass.

Once the products pass testing, they are sent to our shipping department who verifies counts, perform final visual inspections and safely packaging your product. We will ship your products using any method you require. We also have our own truck that can perform local deliveries and pick-ups. Our pickup and delivery territory extends down from our facility located in Crystal River, Florida to St. Petersburg, Florida. This service is offered free of charge and included in your quoted price.

If you made it to the end of this page we hope that means you’re interested in working with Power Designers Sibex. Please check out more information about our facility and our advantage.