Training Modules

Training Modules can be used for self learning as well as shared in professional development settings to increase the understanding of Power Designers Sibex products and technology.

Forklift Battery Basics

This training modules covers basic battery information including:decoding the battery nameplate, battery capacity, battery life cycle, battery care, charging curves and importance of desulfation.

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Charger Basics

This training modules covers forklift charger basics including charging rates, calculating needed charger size and battery charge curve.

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REVOLUTION Introduction

This training modules that introduce the REVOLUTION modular high frequency battery charger.

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Programming the REVOLUTION Charger

REVOLUTION series chargers are delivered per order preset to the requested: Battery Voltage, Battery Capacity, Charge profile: Conventional, Opportunity, or Fast; along with settings as needed for use with any feedback device, or monitor. This module is intended to provide familiarity with the tools and techniques to adjust chargers in the field. Additionally this module will provide familiarity with the history and other data functions available from the charger.

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Troubleshooting the REVOLUTION Charger

Training module on basic charger troubleshooting.

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