Strategy & Structure

Power Designers Sibex Technology, Services and Solutions

Power Designers Sibex focuses on a number of operating initiatives, including innovation and new product development, continuous improvement driven by lean methodologies, supply chain management, expansion information technology infrastructure improvement, and organizational and talent development. These initiatives are designed to capture synergies within our businesses to ultimately drive revenue, profit margin and cash flow growth. Our engineering resources and manufacturing capabilities are uniquely positioned to bring new products to market that are competitively priced and sustain long-term growth.

Products and Service

Electronic Manufacturing Services Division (EMS):

Provides a one stop shop service from concept to in-line production or any place in between, regardless of the size of the product.

ISO Certification

Industrial Division:

Manufacturer and developer of industrial power solutions used in electric material handling equipment. Power Designers Sibex provides chargers and batteries for the material handling industry as well as charger accessories and battery monitoring software designed to enhance battery performance while providing customers with cost savings through energy efficiency, reduced capital costs, and improved labor productivity.